faisaltum inquired 2007

There Will Be Blood
No Country for Old Men

realduality inquired 2009

Fish Tank
My Tehran for Sale

avenging-hobbits inquired 1939

Ugh I guess The Wizard of Oz

aquietrepose inquired 1994

Three Colors: Red
The Lion King
The Hudsucker Proxy
honorable mention and my biggest guilty pleasure of all time, Speed.

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jackcardiffs inquired 1978, 1983, 2004

Days of Heaven

The King of Comedy

Mean Girls

I’m picky today I guess.

gregnorton inquired 2003, 2013

Fear X
Kill Bill
Lost in Translation

To the Wonder
Only God Forgives
Blue is the Warmest Color
Frances Ha

keepingupwiththejonzes inquired 2006

Children of Men
Marie Antoinette

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After Hours is an ideal film for Criterion to pick up.